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Assisting public and local land managers to protect landscapes through science-based education and integrated weed and pest managment.

Resources and Services

Historically, representatives from Sublette County Weed & Pest have been active in our community by educating various groups on noxious weeds, herbicides, and early detection. We are available to identify mystery plants and insects as well. We lend equipment to land owners to assist in stopping the spread of invasive weeds.

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Current Projects

Check out all of the great opportunities that come with seasonal work at Sublette County Weed and Pest!

Latest News 
2023 Gotta Go's 
Community Weed Pull

  • Focusing on the Declared Noxious Weed Berteroa incana, Musk thistle flowers, and Cheatgrass
  • June 15th through August 31st
  • SCWP will pay $1.00 a pound


Here are the steps to get started...

1. Sign up at the Sublette County Weed and Pest (SCWP) office on 12
South Bench Road. We will get your information and distribute clear bags
to be used for the collection of plants.

2. Go pull and bag as many Berteroa plants, cheatgrass plants, and clip as
many musk flowers as possible.

3. Bring your full bags back to the SCWP office every Thursday 1PM-
4PM for weigh in. Get paid! SCWP will be allocating payout checks at the

September board meetings

Participants MUST use the clear bags that are provided by Sublette
County Weed and Pest. This allows staff weighing the bags to ensure that
groups or individuals are pulling the proper plants, as well as, eliminating
the cost of bags to the participants.
More bags will be available at the SCWP office.

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