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Beet Leafhopper

The beet leafhopper, Circulifer tenellus, is the vector of curly top virus. The virus causes curling of beet leaves which later become brittle.  This virus has the potential to cause severe economic losses when sugar beets are infected in epidemic proportions.  The beet leafhopper over winters as an adult in rangeland and idle agricultural lands and migrates in the summer to susceptible crops.  Both treatment of surrounding non-crop areas and the utilization of insecticide-treated sugar beet seeds can assist with the management of the virus.  Due to the potential economic loss, the 1973 Wyoming legislature listed the beet leafhopper as a state-designated pest. Weed and Pest Control Districts can assist local landowners with IPM practices to help them minimize the impacts of the beet leafhopper and curly top virus.   

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