Assisting public and local land managers to protect landscapes through science-based education and integrated weed and pest managment.

Resources and Services

Historically, representatives from Sublette County Weed & Pest have been active in our community by educating various groups on noxious weeds, herbicides, and early detection. We are available to identify mystery plants and insects as well. We lend equipment to land owners to assist in stopping the spread of invasive weeds.

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Current Projects

Our seasonal spray crews work diligently across various land ownerships to help Sublette county residents and land managers control noxious weeds and to keep Sublette County beautiful!

Latest News 
Community Weed Pull Program

Berteroa Gotta Go'a


Sublette County is planning a community weed pull – focusing on the declared noxious weeds Berteroa incana, AKA Hoary Alyssum  Cheatgrass and Musk Thistle.

• This program runs from June 15 - August 31, 2022

• Upon sign-up, you will be given weed identification help, clear bags, maps, and additional instructions.


• Berteroa must be pulled including the root crown and root, excessive soil shaken off, and placed in bags provided.

• Clip and bag as many musk thistle flowers as possible. 


• Maps of properties that have given prior permission will be provided. Other private properties will require obtaining permission to gain access.

• We will pay $1.00 a pound, payment issued at regular monthly board meetings.